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Bioenergy: Principles and Technologies introduces biomass energy resources and then elaborates on bioenergy technologies including biomass combustion, biogas production, biomass briquettes and biomass gasification. With a combination of theories, experiments and case studies, the book is an essential reference for bioenergy researchers, industrial chemists and chemical engineers.

<p>Chapter 1 Introduction <br>1.1 Biomass energy resources<br>1.2 Biomass energy utilization technologies<br>1.3 Biomass energy in the world<br>1.4 Biomass energy in China<br>1.5 The strategic role of Biomass energy in China's sustainable development<br>1.6 The future trends, challenges and choices </p> <p>Chapter 2 Biomass Energy Resources and Energy Crops<br>2.1Material basis of biomass energy<br>2.1.1 Photosynthesis<br>2.1.2 Biomass feedstock<br>2.1.3 Characteristics of biomass resources<br>2.1.4 Chemical composition of biomass<br>2.1.5 Calorific value of the biomass fuel<br>2.2 Existing biomass resources in China<br>2.2.1 Crop straw<br>2.2.2 Livestock and poultry manure<br>2.2.3 Forestry residues<br>2.2.4 Starch resources<br>2.2.5 Sugar resources<br>2.2.6 Waste edible oils and fats<br>2.2.7 Urban living garbage<br>2.2.8 Industrial organic wastewater<br>2.3 Energy Crops<br>2.3.1 Concept of energy crops<br>2.3.2 Energy crop quality improvement technology<br>2.3.3 Agricultural crops<br>2.3.4 Woody oil forest<br>2.3.5 Woody energy forest<br>2.3.6 Herbs perennial crops<br>2.4 Energy Microalgae<br>2.4.1 Strains of oleaginous microalgae<br>2.4.2 Isolation and selection of microalgae<br>2.4.3 Culture of microalgae<br>2.4.4 Harvesting and oil extraction<br>2.4.5 Comprehensive utilization of microalgae<br>2.5 Promising biomass in China </p> <p>Chapter 3 Technologies of Biomass Combustion<br>3.1The basic principle of biomass combustion<br>3.1.1 Biomass combustion process<br> Characteristics of biomass fuel<br> Typical stages of biomass combustion<br> Pyrolysis of biomass fuel<br> Combustion characteristics of biomass charcoal<br>3.1.2 Issues for biomass combustion<br> Moisture in biomass<br> Burning of volatile<br> Ash relative problems<br> Design of biomass combustion<br>3.1.3 Pollutants from biomass combustion<br> Dust emission<br> Gaseous pollutants<br> PM from biomass combustion<br> Heavy metal pollution<br>3.2 House-hold Stove<br>3.2.1 Energy-saving Stove<br>3.2.2 Cooking Stove<br>3.2.3 Cooking and Heating Stove<br>3.2.4 Warming Stove<br>3.3 Industrial Technology and Application of Biomass Combustion<br>3.3.1 Biomass Combustion Technology<br>3.3.2 Biomass Furnace for Hot Gas<br>3.3.3 Industrial Boiler for Heat Supply<br>3.3.4 Utility Boiler<br>3.3.5 Co-combustion Boiler </p> <p>Chapter 4 Anaerobic Digestion Process and Biogas Production Technologies<br>4.1 Basic definitions and theory<br>4.1.1 Basic concept<br>4.1.2 Anaerobic digestion theory<br>4.1.3 Microbiology of biogas production<br>4.1.4 Microbial regulatory process<br>4.2 Anaerobic digestion technology and equipment<br>4.2.1 Pretreatment technology and equipment<br>4.2.2 Anaerobic digestion technology and equipment<br>4.2.3 Biogas utilization technology and equipment<br>4.2.4 Residues utilization technology and equipment<br>4.3 Application and mode<br>4.3.1 Mode of hosehold biogas plant<br>4.3.2 Heat and electric power cogenerate project<br>4.3.3 Biomethane for vehicle project<br>4.3.4 Natural gas network or centralized gas supply project </p> <p>Chapter 5 Technologies of Biomass Briquettes<br>5.1 Concepts and principles of biomass briquettes<br>5.1.1 Concept of biomass briquettes<br>5.1.2 Development history of biomass briquettes<br>5.1.3 Structure and properties of biomass briquettes<br>5.1.4 Principles of biomass compression molding<br>5.2 Technology and equipment of biomass briquetting<br>5.2.1 Technology and equipment of pre-treatment on biomass briquetting<br>5.2.2 Technology and equipment of biomass pellet fuel<br>5.2.3 Technology and equipment of biomass block fuel<br>5.2.4 Technology and equipment of biomass rod fuel<br>5.2.5 Industrial production system of biomass briquettes<br>5.3 Application technology and equipment of biomass briquette<br>5.3.1Technology and equipment of biomass briquettes combustion<br>5.3.2 Technology and equipment of biomass briquettes gasification<br>5.3.3 Technology and equipment of biomass briquettes for household<br>5.3.4Technology and equipment for carbon-based slow-release fertilizer<br>5.4Application examples of biomass briquettes<br>5.4.1 Application examples of large-scale production of biomass briquettes<br>5.4.2Application examples of biomass briquettes burning and heating<br>5.4.3 Application examples of biomass briquettes gasification and gas supply<br>5.5 Technology and industry development trends of biomass briquettes<br>5.5.1Technology development trends<br>5.5.1 Industry development trends </p> <p>Chapter 6 Technologies of Biomass Gasification<br>6.1 Fundamentals of biomass gasification<br>6.1.1 Principle of biomass gasification<br>6.1.2 Fundamental thermochemical reactions in biomass gasification<br>6.2 Biomass gasifier<br>6.2.1 Type of biomass gasifiers<br>6.2.2 Characteristics and application of fixed bed gasifier<br>6.2.3 Characteristics and application of fluidized bed gasifier<br>6.2.4 Performances of gasifier and indicators<br>6.3 Cleaning of biomass gasifier product gas<br>6.3.1 Composition and properties of biomass gasifier product gas<br>6.3.2 Removal of ash and moisture<br>6.3.3 Production and influence of biomass gasification tar<br>6.3.4 Removal of tar from gasification gas<br>6.4 Application of biomass gasification technology<br>6.4.1 Biomass gasification for centralized gas supply<br>6.4.2 Biomass gasification for power generation<br>6.4.3 Biomass gasification for thermal drying<br>6.4.4 Biomass gasification gas used as boiler fuel<br>6.4.5 Household biomass gasification equipment<br>6.4.6 Biomass gasification for district heating<br>6.4.7 Biomass gasification for ammonia synthesis. </p> <p></p>
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