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The automobile is one of the inventions that has made a decisive contribution to human mobility, and consequently it has become an inseparable part of modern human society. However, it is through this widespread use that its negative impacts on the environment have become so highly visible. Achievements in improving the ecological characteristics of the automobile are highly impressive: a modern car emits only a fraction of the amounts of noise and exhaust pollutants produced by its predecessors 30 years ago. The contributions to this book were written by experts, most of whom have been actively involved in the development of modern automobiles and their combustion engines for more than 30 years. They have participated in all phases of the ecological development of the automobile and summarize their experience and know-how in this book .

Power Units for Transportation
Combustion Fundamentals and Combustion Products. The Otto (Gasoline) Engine. The Diesel Engine; Alternative Propulsion System
Means of Transportation and their Effect on the Environment
Emissions and Air Quality. Noise Emissions. Car Recycling-End of Life Vehicles. Measures for the Reduction of Exhaust Gas Emissions
Emission Legislation; Emission Standards. Emission Test Methods. Inter-Related Requirements. Fuels
Fuels and Engine Characteristics. Fuels and Exhaust Gas Emissions. Requirements for Fuels. Alternative Fuels. Outlook on the Future.
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