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summarizing all aspects of graphene-Silicon integrated devices in optoelectronics in the post-Moore era.

1 INTRODUCTION OF GRAPHENE FOR SILICON OPTOELECTRONICS1.1 Introduction1.2 Optical Absorption1.3 Emergence of Graphene in Silicon Optoelectronics1.4 Photodetection in Graphene1.5 Outlook2 GROWTH AND TRANSFER OF GRAPHENE FOR SILICON OPTOELECTRONICS2.1 Introduction2.2 Growth of Graphene2.3 Dielectric deposition on Graphene2.4 Graphene Transfer Methods2.5 Fabrication of Solution Processed Graphene and Integration with Silicon2.6 Graphene Transfer on Flexible Silicon2.7 Graphene integration with Silicon CMOS Process2.8 Challenges and Future Perspectives3 PHYSICS OF GRAPHENE/SILICON JUNCTIONS3.1 Introduction3.2 Physics of Schottky Junction3.3 Measurement of Schottky Barrier Height3.4 2D Materials and Schottky Junctions3.5 Challenges and Future Perspectives4 GRAPHENE/SILICON JUNCTION FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE PHOTODETECTORS4.1 Introduction4.2 Ultraviolet Photodetectors4.3 Visible to Near Infrared Photodetectors4.4 Broadband Photodetectors4.5 Hybrid Graphene/Silicon Photodetectors4.6 Challenges and Perspectives5 GRAPHENE/SILICON SOLAR ENERGY HARVESTING DEVICES5.1 Introduction5.2 Photovoltaic Mechanism and Performance Parameters in Graphene/Silicon Solar Cells5.3 Theoretical Efficiency Limits of Graphene/Silicon Solar Cells5.4 Optimization of Graphene/Silicon Solar Cells5.5 Challenges and Perspectives6 GRAPHENE SILICON INTEGRATED WAVEGUIDE DEVICES6.1 Introduction6.2 Hybrid Waveguide Photodetector6.3 Hybrid Waveguide Modulator6.4 Challenges and Perspectives7 GRAPHENE FOR SILICON IMAGE SENSOR7.1 Introduction7.2 Quantum Dot based Infrared Graphene Image Sensor7.3 Graphene Thermopile Image Sensor7.4 Graphene THz Image Sensor7.5 Curved Image Sensor Array7.6 Neural Network Image Sensors7.7 Graphene Charge Coupled Device Image Sensor7.8 Graphene Based Position Sensitive Detector7.9 Challenges and Perspectives8 SYSTEM INTEGRATION WITH GRAPHENE FOR SILICON OPTOELECTRONICS8.1 Introduction8.2 Graphene Silicon Flip Chips8.3 Graphene Silicon Heterogeneous Integration8.4 Graphene Silicon Monolithic Integration for Optoelectronics Applications8.5 Challenges and Prospective9 GRAPHENE FOR SILICON OPTOELECTRONIC SYNAPTIC DEVICES9.1 Introduction9.2 Silicon Neurons9.3 Synaptic devices9.4 Silicon Optoelectronic Synaptic Devices9.5 ORAM Synaptic Devices9.6 Graphene for Silicon Synaptic Devices9.7 Synaptic Phototransistor9.8 Mechano-photonic Synaptic Transistor9.9 Challenges and Prospects10 CHALLENGES AND PROSPECTS OF GRAPHENE/SILICON OPTOELECTRONICS10.1 Emergence of Wafer Scale Systems10.2 Wafer Scale Synthesis and Foundry Process10.3 Scalable Transfer and Quality Metrics10.4 Scaling Laws and Hot Electron Effects10.5 Optical Modulators10.6 Infrared Photodetectors10.7 Neuromorphic Optoelectronics
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