Atlas of the Cellular and Molecular Development of Human Hematopoiesis, w. DVD

Atlas of the Cellular and Molecular Development of Human Hematopoiesis, w. DVD

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This is the first atlas dedicated to illustrating the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie the unique features of human hematopoiesis during embryonic, fetal, and neonatal developments. This state-of-the-art atlas is published more than thirty years after the legendary 'Atlas of Human Hemopoietic Development' by Kelemen, Calvo and Fliedner.

After presenting the principles of developmental hematopoiesis, the atlas focuses on lineage-specific processes. The unique material of the previous atlas by Kelemen et al. is used to illustrate the histologic features of human embryonic and fetal hematopoiesis. Findings from animal studies are included to provide an up-to-date description of cellular and molecular mechanisms.

Including approx. 300 full-color figures

Plus DVD with additional material.

Molecular mechanisms are schematically depicted in figures or line drawings, presented side-by-side to the referred microscopies. Together, these present a clear graphic depiction of the changes that occur during the normal development of the human hematopoietic system, and their implications to hematologic disorders with onset during fetal life or infancy.

Of particular interest to clinicians:

Molecular and clinical aspects of the most frequent hematologic disorders in fetuses and neonates

Reference values for different hematological parameters during fetal and neonatal development.

This atlas provides a unique source of information for clinicians and researchers working in the fields of developmental biology, fetal medicine, perinatal medicine, neonatology, pediatrics, and hematology.

<p>1 Principles of Developmental Hematopoiesis
2 Erythropoiesis
3 Myelopoiesis
4 Lymphopoiesis.-5 Megakaryopoiesis
6 Hematopoietic Niches and Bone Development
7 Disorders of the Hematopoietic System in the Fetus and Neonates
8 References Values and Novel Blood Cell Indices.</p>
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