Real Estate Investment Trusts and Joint Ventures

Real Estate Investment Trusts and Joint Ventures

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Julian Eibel studies the contribution of joint venture (JV) use as means of financing flexibility against the background of diverse financial restrictions in the institutional and regulated environment of the REIT Act. After reviewing JV motives for classical corporations, the real estate and REIT industry as well as the financing and capital behavior of REITs, the author finds JVs to result from REIT managers' need of financing flexibility to allow timely funding outside regulated markets. Thus, he argues JVs mitigate financing restrictions and stimulate capital markets to regain access to classical financing.

Julian Eibel works as Senior Project Manager at a leading HVAC supplier. Academically, he is affiliated with EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht where he also graduated as Bachelor and Master in Management prior to his doctoral studies. Professionally, he worked in investment banking and management consulting.

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