Disruptive Technologies in International Business

Challenges and Opportunities for Emerging Markets

Disruptive Technologies in International Business

Challenges and Opportunities for Emerging Markets

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New technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), etc. are redefining business processes around the world at a rapid rate and resulting in both great opportunities and challenges for businesses. Though these technologies are extensively being used in developed countries, emerging economies are also not far behind.

Disruptive Technologies in International Business advances the understanding of technological applications in business within an international paradigm. With its in-depth discussions of diverse topics such as the global value chain (GVC), environmental risk management, IoT, Surface Mobility, and anime, the book argues that technologies offer many advantages but there are accompanying risks, challenges, and disadvantages as well. The need of the hour is to address the impact of these technologies on the environment, society, and economy of the world. This book offers a collage of insights on how these technologies can potentially change the playing field in businesses and countries and contribute to the betterment of society.

This book will provide business practitioners, international organizations, government officials, and policy makers with inspiration and new leads toward more efficient systems, policies, and operational frameworks in our increasingly technology-driven society.

Dr. Alka Maurya is Associate Professor at Amity International Business School, Amity University, Noida. She completed her Masters in International Business from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi and PhD from Jiwaji University, Gwalior. Her area of specialization is International Business. She has over 19 years' experience in teaching, research and consulting.

Dr. J. Mark Munoz is an MBA and PhD in Management at the University of San Jose. Prior to joining the academe, he held senior management roles in diverse multinational organizations. He was a Visiting Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and former Advisor to the AI Initiative at Harvard University.
He is currently a Full Professor of Management and International Business at the Tabor School of Business and the Dwayne Andreas Professor of Business. He teaches Business Creation, International Business, Business Strategy, and International Business Consulting.

Dr. Loveleen Gaur is a professor, Program Director (Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence and Data Analytics), Senior IEEE member and Series Editor. She is currently at Amity International Business School, Amity University, Noida and is an established author and researcher and has filed three patents in the area of IoT.

Professor Gurinder Singh is Amity Group Vice Chancellor and Director General, Amity International Business School. He has more than 25 years of experience in strategic management, teaching, consultancy, research and launching new organizations and prestigious projects in India, UK, USA, France, Germany, Australia, African countries, Singapore, Dubai and Taiwan.

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