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Eighty years have passed since Arthur Heffter, the founder of this handbook series, invited in 1913 eminent scientists from different parts of the world to contribute. At that time 6-10 years were needed to publish the first two volumes, which appeared between 1919 and 1923. During these 80 years, pharmacology as an independent science has undergone tremendouus development, which is reflected truly and com prehensively by the ever-growing number of volumes in the now "classic" series of Heffter-Heubner's Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology. The Editorial Board of distinguished, world wide known, experienced pharmaco logists assumed responsibility for finding and editing the most current and most interesting topics, keeping in mind that some "evergreen topics" should be brushed up from time to time when sufficient new knowledge has accumulated. In this sense it is surprising that the highly popular topic of ever-growing importance, namely "pharmacology of smooth muscle" has, in the knowl edge of the editors of this volume, never been treated as such. Even the of smooth muscle edited by classic volume on the structure and function Biilbring, Brading, Jones and Tomita (Smooth Muscle, 1981) is more than 12 years old. So we think it is justified to say that the present volume really fills a gap. We were lucky to be able to invite eminent scientists working in this field and persuade them of the importance of their contributions, which cover the most important aspects of this wide-ranging topic.

Section I: General Aspects
1 Structure of Smooth Muscles
2 Ionic Channels in Smooth Muscle
3 Excitation-Contraction Coupling Mechanisms in Visceral Smooth Muscle Cells
Section II: Endogenous Substances and Smooth Muscle
4 Eicosanoids and Smooth Muscle Function
5 Angiotensin, the Kinins, and Smooth Muscle
6 Effect of Histamine on Smooth Muscle
7 Angiohypotensin
8 Neuropeptides (Neurokinins, Bombesin, Neurotensin, Cholecystokinins, Opioids) and Smooth Muscle
9 Serotonin and Smooth Muscle
Section III: Pharmacological Agents and Smooth Muscle
10 Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Gastrointestinal Smooth Muscles
11 Airway Smooth Muscle
12 Uterine Smooth Muscle: Electrophysiology and Pharmacology
13 Effect of Potassium Channel Modulating Drugs on Isolated Smooth Muscle
14 Smooth Muscle of the Male Reproductive Tract
15 Urinary Tract
Section IV: Vascular System
16 Molecular Mechanisms of Action of Antihypertensive Agents, Ca-Antagonists and K-Channel Openers on Vascular Smooth Muscle
17 Drug Effects on the Smooth Muscle of the Coronary System Under Physiological and Pathological Conditions
18 Drugs Affecting the Cerebrovascular Smooth Muscle
19 Altered Responsiveness of Vascular Smooth Muscle to Drugs in Diabetes.
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