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This book provides updated and all-inclusive data and evidences for Moringa botany, cytogenetical analysis, genetic resources and diversity, classical genetics, traditional breeding, tissue culture, genetic transformation, whole-genome sequencing, comparative genomics and elucidation on applications of functional genomics, nanotechnology, bioinformatics, processing and value addition besides providing perspectives of medicinal and therapeutic properties of Moringa. Moringa gained global attention in the recent past owing to its unique blend of affordable nutraceutical and pharmaceutical compounds in all parts of the plants. Scientific literatures supporting its health benefits besides the studies on its utility in various fields are scattered on several reports. This book is written by renowned global subject experts by compiling and narrating it in a sober style.

Chapter 1. Moringa and Its Importance
Chapter 2. Botanical Descriptions of Moringa spp
Chapter 3. Effect of Different Processing Methods on Nutritional Content of Moringa Oleifera
Chapter 4. Medicinal and Therapeutic Properties of Moringa
Chapter 5. Classical Genetics and Traditional Breeding in Moringa
Chapter 6. Cytogenetical Analysis of Moringa Genome
Chapter 7. Genetic Diversity of Moringa (Moringa oleifera Lam.)
Chapter 8. Tissue Culture and Genetic Engineering in Moringa
Chapter 9. Molecular Markers and DNA Barcoding in Moringa
Chapter 10. Genome Sequencing, Organellar Genomes and Comparative Genomics in Moringa
Chapter 11. Moringa Functional Genomics: Implications of Long Read Sequencing Technologies
Chapter 12. Bioinformatics Tools and Moringa Genomics
Chapter 13. Biogenic Nanomaterials Using Moringa and their Applications
Chapter 14. Moringa Processing and Value Addition: Rice Analogue from Broken Rice Fortified with Moringa Leaves and Its Effect on Iron Availability
Chapter 15. Moringa and Its Genome: Future Prospects.

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