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The book provides a comprehensive view in wind energy utilization and discusses various aspects which affect wind energy utilization, e.g. resources, market, industry, technology. The authors also explore how society could boost wind energy development via education and legislation using a system engineering perspective. The book serves as a reference for scientists from academia and industry and for people working in administration.

<p>Preface</p> <p>Chapter 1 Introduction<br>1.1 The History of Wind Energy Utilization and Development <br>1.2 The Status of Wind Energy in Social Economy Development<br>1.3 The Position of Wind Energy in Energy System<br>1.4 Wind Energy - A Complicated System Engineering</p> <p>Chapter 2 Wind Energy and Resources<br>2.1 Wind Characters and Wind Energy Resources<br>2.2 The Assessment System of Wind Energy Resources<br>2.3 The Scientific Assessment of Global Wind Energy Resources</p> <p>Chapter3 Wind Energy and Market<br>3.1 The History of Global Wind Energy Market Development<br>3.2 The Market Scale and Target of Wind Energy<br>3.3 The Market Status and Order of Wind Energy<br>3.4 The Market Competitiveness of Wind Energy</p> <p>Chapter4 Wind Energy and Industry<br>4.1 The History of Global Wind Energy Industry Development<br>4.2 The Situation of Global Wind Energy Industry <br>4.3 The Development Trend of Wind Energy Industry<br>4.4 The Relationship Between Wind Energy and Related Industries</p> <p>Chapter5 Wind Energy and Technology<br>5.1 The History of Global Wind Energy Technology<br>5.2 The Restriction Factors of Wind Energy Technology Development<br>5.3 The Development Route of Wind Energy Technology<br>5.4 The Service Platform Constructions of  Wind Energy Technology<br>5.5 The Influence of Modern Science Technology on Wind Energy Technology</p> <p>Chapter6 Wind Energy and Policy<br>6.1 Policy-Support Plays a Key Role in Wind Energy Development<br>6.2 The Design and Assessment Criterion of Wind Energy Policy<br>6.3 The Assessment of Typical Wind Energy Support Policy in the World<br>6.4 The Policy-Making & Executing obstacles of Wind Energy <br>6.5 The Innovation of Wind Energy Policy </p> <p>Chapter7 Wind Energy and Law <br>7.1 The Establishment of the Legal Status of Wind Energy (To Protect and Regulate the Development of Wind Energy by Means of Law)<br>7.2 To Regulate Legislation of Wind Energy<br>7.3 The Assessment on Typical Legislation of Wind Energy in the World<br>7.4 The International Bridging of Wind Energy Law<br>7.5 The Legal Risk Identification and Prevention for Wind Energy Enterprises</p> <p>Chapter8 Wind Energy and Society<br>8.1 The International Community s Brand Cognitive on Wind Energy<br>8.2 Popular Support Acts As the Initial Impetus for Wind Energy Development<br>8.3 Wind Energy and Public Life <br>8.4 The Significance of Wind Energy on the Sustainable Social Development <br> <br>Chapter9 Wind Energy and Education<br>9.1 Talents Demand of Wind Energy <br>9.2 Educational Pattern of Wind Energy<br>9.3 Knowledge Hierarchy of Wind Energy<br>9.4 International Cooperation of Wind Energy Education</p> <p>Chapter10 Wind Energy Education <br>10.1 The Environmental Constraints on Wind Energy Utilization <br>10.2 The Impact of Wind Energy on Environment<br>10.3 The Harmonious Development of Wind Energy and Environment </p> <p>Acknowledgements<br>Index<br></p>
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