Adhesive Bonding in Five Steps

Achieving Safe and High-Quality Bonds

Adhesive Bonding in Five Steps

Achieving Safe and High-Quality Bonds

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A comprehensive guide to successfully complete any adhesive bonding project

In Adhesive Bonding in Five Steps: Achieving Safe and High Quality Bonds, accomplished chemist Dr. Jürgen Klingen delivers a thorough and practical overview of the adhesive concepts necessary for readers to design and sketch foundational steps in projects involving adhesive bonding. Readers will learn the complex considerations necessary for a successful adhesive bonding process from inception to completion.

Dividing the adhesive bonding project into five clearly defined phases-planning, substrate concept, adhesive concept, feasibility, and development-the author demonstrates how to adhere to quality requirements while completing the reader's own adhesive bonding processes. The book focuses on the treatment of the material surfaces to be bonded, the selection of suitable adhesives, the dimensioning of the bond, and the process steps for metering/mixing and curing the adhesives.

The book also offers:

  • A thorough introduction to the art and science of adhesive bonding, including adhesives, adhesive bonds, bonding in industry and craft, and an example of adhesive bonding in nature
  • Comprehensive explorations of the history of adhesive bonding technology and wetting, adhesion, and cohesion
  • Practical discussions of the necessary steps to achieving safe and high-quality adhesive bonds, including gate reviews and the DIN 2304
  • In-depth examinations of contemporary adhesive bonding applications, including examples in lightweight construction, modern façade construction, and low-energy plastics

Perfect for engineers, engineering scientists, polymer chemists, and process engineers, Adhesive Bonding in Five Steps: Achieving Safe and High Quality Bonds will also prove to be an invaluable addition to the libraries of materials scientists and surface chemists.

Dr. Jürgen Klingen studied chemistry at the University of Duisburg with a focus on chemical analysis. The Ph.D. was conducted by Prof Robert Gillard at the University of Wales (Department Applied Chemistry) in the field of polyisoprene-based adhesives.

For more than 35 years he worked in various research and management positions in research & development and application engineering for 3M Deutschland GmbH, one year in 3M`s Central Research Laboratory in St. Paul/ Minnesota, USA. Here he worked on new high-performance adhesive systems for the European market. For his research in this field he received the ?3M Corporate Circle of Technical Excellent Award?. From 1997 to 2017, Dr. Klingen managed the European Corporate Materials and Process Laboratory in Neuss and in this position was responsible for the European technology development on new adhesives, adhesive tapes, films, coatings and polymer processing.

Since August 2017, he has been working as a freelance consultant for application development in the field of adhesive technology. Dr. Klingen is co-author of two books and the author of one book on adhesive bonding technology. Several patents in the field of adhesive technology have been granted to him within the last 33 years.
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