Chiral Luminescence

From Molecules to Materials and Devices

Chiral Luminescence

From Molecules to Materials and Devices

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Comprehensive resource illustrating the latest stage and development of chiral luminescence in science and technology, from fundamentals to applications

Chiral Luminescence imparts a comprehensive understanding for chiral materials bearing circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) functions, including molecules, oligomers, polymers, chiral metal organic complexes, and chiral biochemical materials, with guidance on how to promote and control this kind of luminescence towards the development of advanced photonic materials and devices such as chiroptical and electronic devices, next-generation displays, and others.

The book covers detailed information on the molecular design, synthesis, and polymerization methods of chiral luminescent materials, the evaluation of chiroptical properties represented by CPL, novel spectroscopic instruments and techniques, the fabrication of chiral luminescent devices such CPL-OLED, a theoretical evaluation, and potential applications.

With insight from leading academics and industrial researchers in the field, Chiral Luminescence includes information on:

  • Optical resolution and chiroptical properties of partially overlapping carbazolophanes and developments in CPL research using cyclodextrins
  • Synthesis and chiroptical properties of helical, conjugated polymers and twisted molecules, and chiroptical and magnetooptical properties of porphyrin compounds
  • Principles of CPL measurement systems and advances in measurement methods, and intense and sign-invertible CPL
  • Development of organic light-emitting diodes using aggregation-induced enhanced CPL perylene diimides
  • Binding constants as fundamental physical properties for quantitative treatments of sensing processes in supramolecular systems

Providing far-reaching coverage of chiral luminescence and its many applications, Chiral Luminescence is a must-read resource for a variety of chemists and engineers who wish to understand the state-of-the-art development in this optical science.

Kazuo Akagi is an Eminent Research Professor, Research Organization of Science and Technology at Ritsumeikan University in Shiga, Japan, and a Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University and University of Tsukuba, Japan. After graduating from Kyoto University, he spent most of his career working for University of Tsukuba and Kyoto University before taking up his present appointment at Ritsumeikan University. Professor Akagi has received numerous scientific awards, including The Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) Award.

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