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It is increasingly recognized that various transporter proteins are expressed throughout the body and determine absorption, tissue distribution, biliary and renal elimination of endogenous compounds and drugs and drug effects. This book will give an overview on the transporter families which are most important for drug therapy. Most chapters will focus on one transporter family highlighting tissue expression, substrates, inhibitors, knock-out mouse models and clinical studies.

1;Preface;6 1.1;Reference;7 2;Contents;8 3;Contributors;10 4;Uptake Transporters of the Human OATP Family;12 4.1;1 Introduction;13 4.2;2 The Human OATP Family;14 4.2.1;2.1 Molecular Characteristics of Human OATP Family Members;14 4.2.2;2.2 Substrate Spectrum of Human OATP Family Members;19 4.2.3;2.3 Hepatic OATPs and Drug-Drug Interactions;22 4.2.4;2.4 Functional Consequences of Genetic Variations in Transporter Genes;26;2.4.1 Pharmacogenomics of OATP1B1;26;2.4.2 Pharmacogenomics of Other Human OATP Family Members;30 4.3;3 Conclusions;32 4.4;References;33 5;In Vitro and In Vivo Evidence of the Importance of Organic Anion Transporters (OATs) in Drug Therapy;40 5.1;1 Organic Anion Transporters Within the SLC22A Gene Family;42 5.2;2 Organic Anion Transporter 1 (OAT1/Oat1; Gene name SLC22A6/Slc22a6)43 5.2.1;2.1 Cloning, Structure;43 5.2.2;2.2 Tissue Distribution of mRNA;45 5.2.3;2.3 Immunolocalization of OAT1/Oat1 Protein;47 5.2.4;2.4 Species Differences, Age and Gender Dependence of Expression;47 5.2.5;2.5 Factors Influencing Activity and Abundance of OAT1/Oat1;48 5.2.6;2.6 Substrates;50;2.6.1 Endogenous Substrates of OAT1/Oat1;51;2.6.2 Drugs;53 5.2.7;2.7 Inhibitors;60 5.2.8;2.8 Drug/Drug Interactions;61 5.2.9;2.9 Pharmacogenomics;62 5.3;3 Organic Anion Transporter 2 (OAT2/Oat2, Gene Name SLC22A7/Slc22a7);63 5.3.1;3.1 Cloning, Structure;63 5.3.2;3.2 Tissue Distribution of mRNA;63 5.3.3;3.3 Immunolocalization of OAT2/Oat2 Protein;64 5.3.4;3.4 Species Differences, Age and Gender Dependence of Expression;64 5.3.5;3.5 Factors Influencing Activity and Abundance of OAT2/Oat2;65 5.3.6;3.6 Substrates;65;3.6.1 Endogenous Substrates;66;3.6.2 Drugs;66 5.3.7;3.7 Inhibitors;69 5.3.8;3.8 Drug/Drug Interactions;69 5.3.9;3.9 Pharmacogenomics;69 5.4;4 Organic Anion Transporter 3 (OAT3/Oat3, Gene Name SLC22A8/Slc22a8);69 5.4.1;4.1 Cloning, Structure;69 5.4.2;4.2 Tissue Distribution of mRNA;70 5.4.3;4.3 Immunolocalization of OAT3/Oat3 Protein;70 5.4.4;4.4 Species Differences, Age and Gender Dependence of Expression;71 5.4.5;4.5 Factors Influencing Activity and Abundance of OAT3/Oat3;71 5.4.6;4.6 Substrates;72;4.6.1 Endogenous Substrates;73;4.6.2 Drugs;75 5.4.7;4.7 Inhibitors;80 5.4.8;4.8 Drug/Drug Interactions;80 5.4.9;4.9 Pharmacogenomics;82 5.5;5 Organic Anion Transporter 4 (OAT4, Gene Name SLC22A11);82 5.5.1;5.1 Cloning, Structure;82 5.5.2;5.2 Tissue Distribution of mRNA;83 5.5.3;5.3 Immunolocalization of OAT4 Protein;83 5.5.4;5.4 Species Differences, Age and Gender Dependence of Expression;84 5.5.5;5.5 Factors Influencing Activity and Abundance of OAT4;84 5.5.6;5.6 Substrates;84;5.6.1 Endogeneous Substrates;84;5.6.2 Drugs;85 5.5.7;5.7 Inhibitors;89 5.5.8;5.8 Drug/Drug Interactions;89 5.5.9;5.9 Pharmacogenomics;89 5.6;6 Urate Transporter 1 (URAT1; Urat1/Rst, Gene Name SLC22A12/Slc22a12)89 5.6.1;6.1 Cloning, Structure;89 5.6.2;6.2 Tissue Distribution of mRNA;90 5.6.3;6.3 Immunolocalization of URAT1/Urat1/Rst Protein;90 5.6.4;6.4 Species Differences, Age and Gender Dependence of Expression;91 5.6.5;6.5 Factors Influencing Activity and Abundance of URAT1/Urat1/Rst;91 5.6.6;6.6 Substrates;91;6.6.1 Endogenous Substrates;92;6.6.2 Drugs;92 5.6.7;6.7 Inhibitors;93 5.6.8;6.8 Drug/Drug Interactions;93 5.6.9;6.9 Pharmacogenomics;94 5.7;7 Organic Anion Transporter 10 (OAT10/ORCTL3, Gene Name SLC22A13);94 5.7.1;7.1 Cloning, Structure;94 5.7.2;7.2 Tissue Distribution of mRNA;94 5.7.3;7.3 Immunolocalization of OAT10 Protein, Gender Differences;95 5.7.4;7.4 Substrates;95;7.4.1 Endogenous Substrates (Bahn et al. 2008);95;7.4.2 Drugs (Bahn et al. 2008);96 5.7.5;7.5 Inhibitors, Drug/Drug Interactions, Pharmacogenomics;96 5.8;8 Organic Anion Transporter 5 (Oat5, Gene Name Slc22a19);96 5.8.1;8.1 Cloning, Structure;96 5.8.2;8.2 Tissue Distribution of mRNA, Immunolocalization, Gender Differences;96 5.8.3;8.3 Substrates;97;8.3.1 Endogenous Substrates;
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