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This second edition of the highly successful dictionary offers more than 300 new or revised terms. A distinguished panel of electrochemists provides up-to-date, broad and authoritative coverage of 3000 terms most used in electrochemistry and energy research as well as related fields, including relevant areas of physics and engineering.
Each entry supplies a clear and precise explanation of the term and provides references to the most useful reviews, books and original papers to enable readers to pursue a deeper understanding if so desired. Almost 600 figures and illustrations elaborate the textual definitions. The "Electrochemical Dictionary" also contains biographical entries of people who have substantially contributed to electrochemistry.
From reviews of the first edition:
'the creators of the Electrochemical Dictionary have done a laudable job to ensure that each definition included here has been defined in precise terms in a clear and readily accessible style' (The Electric Review)
'It is a must for any scientific library, and a personal purchase can be strongly suggested to anybody interested in electrochemistry' (Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry)
'The text is readable, intelligible and very well written' (Reference Reviews)

From A (absolute potential) to Z (zwitter ions).
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