Herbal Medicines

Integrated Healthcare Information for Professionals MedicinesComplete Online

Herbal Medicines

Integrated Healthcare Information for Professionals MedicinesComplete Online


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The use of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) has increased rapidly over recent years and the global market for herbal products has grown dramatically.

Designed for healthcare professionals, Herbal Medicines addresses the issues of quality, safety and efficacy by providing scientifically rigorous, impartial, evidence-based, information on medicinal herbs.

- Over 180 structured monographs detailing phytochemical, pharmacological and clinical aspects of herbal medicines

- Enables the healthcare professional to advise on the rational and safe use of herbal medicines

- Presents various appendices that group herbs with specific actions, and highlights potential interactions with conventional medicine

- Written by experts, Herbal Medicines reliably informs on quality, safety, interactions and efficacy

Facts about MedicinesComplete Online:
MedicinesComplete Online, the definitive online resource for drug and healthcare information, provides online access to some of the world's leading drug and healthcare references including AHFS DI, ASHP Injectable Drug Information, British National Formulary, BNF for Children, Agilio: Diagnosis and Treatment Guidance, Clarke's Analysis of Drugs and Poisons, Critical Illness, Dale and Appelbe's Pharmacy and Medicines Law, Dietary Supplements, Drug Administration via Enteral Feeding Tubes, Drugs in Pregnancy & Lactation, Herbal Medicines, Injectable Drugs Guide, Kucers' the Use of Antibiotics, Martindale: The complete drug reference, Martindale's ADR Checker, Palliative Care Formulary, Pediatric Injectable Drugs, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Stockley's Drug Interactions, Stockley's Herbal Medicines Interactions, The Orange Guide: Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors, The Green Guide: Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Distributors and New: Drug Monitoring Checker and Electronic Medicines Compendium

The integrated search function enables you to search across thousands of drug, poison, excipient, interaction and herbal monographs within seconds and brings together a wealth of clinically relevant, unbiased information at your fingertips. This leaves more time for your patients.

MedicinesComplete Online

offers access to evaluated drug information and up to date clinical information meeting the needs of pharmacists, pharmacologists, clinicians, analytical chemists, physicians, nurses, researchers, librarians, pharmaceutical companies and information professionals.

You can simply pick and mix the resources you require to personalize your subscription

If you want a fast, expert, easy and cost-effective solution to your drug and healthcare information needs, choose MedicinesComplete Online.

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Herbal Medicines

- 152 nach phytochemischen, pharmakologischen und klinischen Aspekten gegliederte Arzneimittelmonographien.

- Damit beraten Sie Ihre Patienten bei der Anwendung von Phytopharmaka optimal.

- Zahlreiche Anhänge gruppieren die einzelnen Arzneipflanzen nach ihrem Wirkungsspektrum und informieren über Interaktionen mit konventionellen Arzneimitteln.

- Von Experten erarbeitet bietet Herbal Medicines zuverlässige Informationen zu Qualität, Sicherheit, Wechselwirkungen und Wirksamkeit von Phytopharmaka.

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