Nano and Micro-Scale Energetic Materials

Propellants and Explosives

Nano and Micro-Scale Energetic Materials

Propellants and Explosives

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Provides an up-to-date account of innovative energetic materials and their potential applications in space propulsion and high explosives

Most explosives and propellants currently use a small number of ingredients, such as TNT and nitrocellulose. In comparison to conventional materials, nano- and micro-scale energetic materials exhibit superior burning characteristics and much higher energy densities and explosive yields. Nano and Micro-scale Energetic Materials: Propellants and Explosives provides a timely overview of innovative nano-scale energetic materials (nEMs) and microscale energetic materials (µEMs) technology.

Covering nEMs and µEMs ingredients as well as formulations, this comprehensive volume examines the preparation, characterization, ignition, combustion, and performance of energetic materials in various applications of propellants and explosives. Twenty-two chapters explore metal-based pyrotechnic nanocomposites, solid and hybrid rocket propulsion, solid fuels for in-space and power, the sensitivity and mechanical properties of explosives, new energetic materials, and more.

  • Explores novel energetic materials and their potential for use in propellants and explosives
  • Summarizes the most recent advances of leading research groups currently active in twelve countries
  • Discusses how new environmentally friendly, high-combustion energetic materials can best be used in different applications
  • Explains the fundamentals of energetic materials, including similarities and differences between composite propellants and explosives

Nano and Micro-scale Energetic Materials: Propellants and Explosives is an important resource for materials scientists, explosives specialists, pyrotechnicians, environmental chemists, polymer chemists, physical chemists, aerospace physicians, and aerospace engineers working in both academia and industry.

Weiqiang Pang is the Master's Supervisor and the Group Leader of Design, Simulation, and Application of Solid Propellant at Xi'an Modern Chemistry Research Institute, China. His work focuses on innovative energetic materials exploration and their combustion, simulation and application in solid propellants. Professor Pang sits on the editorial boards of Chinese Journal of Explosives & Propellant, Journal of Solid Rocket Technology and Equipment Environmental Engineering. He has published 11 books, more than 150 scientific publications, and 60 patents.

Luigi T. DeLuca was a Professor of Aerospace Propulsion at the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy, where he founded its Space Propulsion Laboratory (SPLab). Now retired, Professor DeLuca has edited 15 books and more than 300 scientific publications. He is a Fellow of the Korean Government Brain Pool Program and a Visiting Professor at the Nanjing University of Science & Technology, China.

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