Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production for Sustainable Energy

Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production for Sustainable Energy

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Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production for Sustainable Energy

A complete discussion of photocatalytic hydrogen production, including water splitting, biomass or waste valorization, solar reactors, photoelectrochemical technologies, and more

In Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production for Sustainable Energy, distinguished researcher Dr. Alberto Puga delivers a comprehensive exploration of photocatalytic hydrogen production. In the book, readers will find explanations of why and how this technology is called to have a significant impact on cleaner and sustainable production of fuels and find a valuable source of information on the mechanisms of light harvesting and the chemical transformations occurring in these processes.

The book explains the technical and engineering approaches currently being used in photocatalytic hydrogen production, as well as approaches that may be used in the future for both commercial and research purposes. A fulsome approach to the subject, covering everything from fundamental aspects of photocatalytic water splitting to waste valorization and solar plant operations, the book also includes:

  • A thorough introduction to sustainability and photocatalytic hydrogen production in the context of renewable energy
  • Comprehensive explorations of water splitting under visible light and ultraviolet irradiation
  • Practical discussions of photoreforming and photocatalytic organic synthesis with convenient hydrogen release
  • Fulsome treatments of photoelectrocatalytic water splitting for hydrogen production

Perfect for photochemists and catalytic chemists, Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production for Sustainable Energy will also benefit other chemists, chemical engineers, materials scientists, energy engineers and physicists seeking a one-stop resource on the subject.

Alberto Puga, PhD, is a Tenured Researcher and Lecturer at the Chemical Engineering Department of the Rovira i Virgili University. He is the Principal Investigator on several projects regarding sunlight-driven wastewater-to-hydrogen processes.

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