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With one volume each year, this series keeps scientists and advanced students informed of the latest developments and results in all areas of the plant sciences.
The present volume includes reviews on genetics, cell biology, physiology, comparative morphology, systematics, ecology, and vegetation science.

A Life History Between Science and Philosophy
Recombination: RNA - A Powerful Tool for Recombination and Regulated Expression of Genes
Mutation: Sugar Signaling Mutants in Arabidopsis
Cell Biology: The Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii - A Genetic Model Organism
Extranuclear Inheritance: Mitochondrial Genetics and Biogenesis
Population Genetics: Biodiversity in Anthropogenic Landscapes - Population Genetics and Ecological Modelling
Plant Breeding: Recent Advances in Molecular Breeding of Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus L.)
Plant Breeding: Clonality - A Concept for Stability and Variability During Vegetative Propagation
Proton Channelling b-Type Cytochromes in Plant Plasma Membranes?
Photosynthesis. Carbon Metabolism: The Calvin Cycle's Golden Jubilee
Physiology of Ectomycorrhiza (ECM)
Network Dynamics in Plant Biology: Current Progress in Historical Perspective
UV-B Radiation, Photomorphogenesis and Plant-Plant Interactions
Vertical Vegetation Structure Below Ground: Scaling from Root to Globe
Ectomycorrhizal Community Structure: Linking Biodiversity to Function
Tracing the Behaviour of Plants in Ecosystems: How Can Molecular Ecology Help?
History of Flora and Vegetation During the Quaternary North America.
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