The Daschner Guide to In-Hospital Antibiotic Therapy

The Daschner Guide to In-Hospital Antibiotic Therapy

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It fits in every jacket pocket and provides a quick reference guide for all clinically active physicians in hospitals or doctor's practices. With the nearly unmanageable number of antibiotics an up-to-date, clear-cut presentation is essential. In clear tables - sorted by substances, pathogens and indications - spectra and recommendations for dosages can be easily looked up. Special problems such as the use of antibiotics during pregnancy, in perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis, and for renal and hepatic insufficiency are also included. A guide for your daily work: handy, concise, and clear.

Adjusted to European standards: Up-to-date substances, authorizations, resistances and trade names.

The first guide to antibiotic therapy for Europe!

1;Foreword;5 2;Preface;6 3;Acknowledgements;8 4;Contents;9 5;Abbreviations;11 6;The Authors;12 7;1 Classification of the Antibiotics;13 8;2 Generics and Trade Names;16 9;3 Principles of Antibiotic Therapy;37 10;4 The Most Common Errors in Antibiotic Therapy;40 11;5 Important Infections and Their Microbiological Diagnosis;41 12;6 Cooperation with Microbiologists;43 13;7 Resistance of Major Clinical Pathogens;45 14;8 The Most Frequent Pathogens - Choice of Antibiotics;68 15;9 Antibiotics, Antimycotics: Spectrum - Dosage - Adverse Effects - Costs;75 16;10 Antibiotic Therapy of the Principal Infections in Children and Adults;172 17;11 Treatment of the Most Frequent Types of Bacterial Endocarditis;223 18;12 Minimal Duration of Treatment for Bacterial Infections;227 19;13 Failure of Antibiotic Therapy;229 20;14 Fever of Unknown Origin: Differential Diagnosis;230 21;15 Dosage of Antibiotics in Impaired Renal Function;237 22;16 Antibiotic Therapy in Haemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, and Continuous Haemofiltration;241 23;17 Antibiotic Therapy During Pregnancy and Lactation;259 24;18 Antibiotics in Liver Diseases;261 25;19 Diffusion of Antibiotics in Cerebrospinal Fluid and in Cerebral Abscesses;263 26;20 Local Antibiotics;265 27;21 Prophylactic Antibiotic Therapy;267 28;22 Physical Incompatibility of Antibiotics and Antimycotics in Infusion Solutions;284 29;23 Useful Websites;287
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