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In this work aggression and conflict in man and other primates are interpreted in the light of evolutionary biology and game theory models.Unitlnow interdisciplinary collaboration between the humanities and the natural sciences has been rare and hampered by different methodologies and terminology. Nevertheless, such cooperation is essential for elucidating the causes and consequences of aggression in humans and in explaining what shape aggression takes in particular situations. The aim of this volume is to present empirical and theoretical studies from biologists and social scientists to create an interdisciplinary framework for understanding aggression.

1;Editors' Preface;7 2;List of Contributors;9 3;Aggression in Humans and Other Animals - A Biological Prelude;11 4;Aggression/Violence in Humans and Other Primates - A Historian's Prelude;19 5;What Theoretical Biology has to say on Aggression in Humans and Animals;33 6;Aggression in Humans and Other Primates - Biology, Psychology, Sociology;51 7;Explaining Aggression: The Ultimate-Proximate Problem;97 8;Human Sex Differences in Aggression from the Perspective of Sexual Selection;111 9;The Logic of Aggression - Reciprocal Altruism, Psychological Games and the Persistence of Conflict;131 10;What causes Large-Scale Variation in Homicide Rates?;147 11;One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest: Violence, Uncertainty, and Safety;173 12;Index;191
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