Epidemiology of Injuries in Sports

Epidemiology of Injuries in Sports

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This concise yet comprehensive book covers epidemiology of injuries in 24 different sports ranging from football, volleyball, athletics, to less explored ones, like archery and Formula 1.  For each discipline the authors present and analyze the sport's main characteristics, physiological and biomechanical demands on athletes, epidemiology of injuries, prevention strategies, rehabilitation and return to play.

Based on an updated overview of sport specific data, this book equips the reader with a solid understanding of sports injury epidemiology and its importance for the implementation of preventive measures.

Written in collaboration with ESSKA by almost 100 international experts, sharing the belief that prevention is the first mission of sports medicine, this book is an excellent source of knowledge for sports physicians, researchers, residents, fellows and trainers alike.

Gian Luigi Canata is Director of the Center of Sports Traumatology and Arthroscopic Surgery, Koelliker Hospital, Turin, Italy, a position he has held since 1995.  He is also current Chairman of ESMA-ESSKA, Chair of the ISAKOS Leg , Ankle and Foot Committee, member of the ISAKOS Sports Medicine Committee, and Chair of SIAGASCOT Foreign Society Partnership. 

 Dr. Canata has also been a Member of the Medical Commission of the Italian Track and Field Federation for decades and is Director of  the Medical Services of CUS (University Sports Centre), Turin.

Gian Luigi Canata has authored more than 100 scientific works including peer-reviewed articles and is the editor of several books, including Cartilage Lesions of the Ankle (2015), Muscle and Tendon Injuries: Evaluation and Management (2017), Sports Injuries of the Foot and Ankle (2019), and Management of Track and Field Injuries  (2021) published by Springer. 

Henrique Jones is an Orthopedic  and Sports Medicine specialist.He is the Clinical Director of Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Clinic, Montijo, Lisbon.He performs surgery at Hospital de Luz, Setubal and S. João de Deus Clinic, Lisbon) and  is currently Member of Sports Medicine College of Portuguese Doctors and invited Professor at Catholic University, Lisbon and Lusofona University, Lisbon: Henrique Jones also contributes as Reviewer for Acta Medica Portuguesa, icSPORTS and JEO publications He was Head of Orthopedic Surgery Department at Portuguese Air Force Hospital, Lisbon (2003-2011) and Clinical  Director (2009/2011). In addition, he was member of Portuguese Football Association Medical Department (1998-2014) and Team Doctor of Portuguese National Football Team  during  5 world Cups and 3 European Cups. He was member of UEFA Medical Committee, and Past Vice-Chairman (2010- 2019). Henrique Jones was also Past President of Portuguese Society of Arthroscopy and Sports Traumatology - SPAT (2016-2018). He is a member of European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee and Arthroscopy - ESSKA and vice - chairman (2012- 2014) of Sports Committee. Henrique Jones was founder of ESMA/ESSKA and Chairman (2018-2020).

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