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Medicinal flora plays an important role in health care systems across the world. Out of the half million flowering plants, around 50.000 species are valued for their therapeutic properties. During the last few decades, 20% of the world's population used plants and/or their derived products as a source of medicine. WHO stated that 80% population around the globe, specifically the rural communities, depend on medicinal plants for their basic healthcare needs. To this end, plant-based phytochemicals are known to have hepato-protective, anti-carcinogenic, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant actions. This book is a guide to ~280 plant species of medicinal flora that demonstrates global relevance. Our goal is to share local knowledge about phytomedicines to a worldwide audience. It is an illustrated reference that documents and preserves the existing knowledge on these plant taxa, with a social and cultural (ethnobotanical) emphasis. This book also provides comprehensive and useful information about traditional uses of medicinal plants by the local communities for the treatment of various prevalent diseases. It contains comprehensive descriptions of each species including family, synonyms, English name, distribution, altitude, habitat, morphological description, life form, part used, mode of utilization, diseases category, recipes, other medicinal uses, phytochemical activity and toxicity.

CHAPTER 1: Introduction.- CHAPTER 2: Medicinal Plant Used for Hypertension.- CHAPTER 3: Medicinal Plant Used for Gynecology Disorders.- CHAPTER 4: Medicinal Plant Used for ENT Disorders.- CHAPTER 5: Medicinal Plant Used for Skin Disorders.- CHAPTER 6: Medicinal Plant Used for Pediatrics or Children Disorders.- CHAPTER 7: Medicinal Plant Used for Musculoskeletal Disorders.- CHAPTER 8: Medicinal Plant Used for Glottis disorders.
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