Pharmacological Properties of Native Plants from Argentina

Pharmacological Properties of Native Plants from Argentina

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The aim of this book is to offer information about the Pharmacological Properties of Native Plants from Argentina to students, researchers and graduates interested in the fields of Ethnobotany, Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, Pharmacy, and Medicine. The book includes summary information about the native plants from Argentina with medical activity  comprising their botanical characteristics, distribution, characteristics of the regions where they grow, ethnobotanical information, chemical data, biological activity, establishment of in vitro cultures, toxicity, and legal status.

Dr. María Alejandra Alvarez completed her studies at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. She graduated in Biochemistry in 1981 and in Pharmacy in 1994 . She obtained an MSc in Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology in 1986 and a PhD in Plant Biotechnology in 1993. She was lecturer in graduate and postgraduate courses of Botany, Pharmacobotany, Biotechnology, Food Biotechnology, and Galenic Pharmacy at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, and Universidad Maimónides.

Dr. María Alejandra Alvarez started working on the production of compounds of pharmaceutical interest in in vitro plant cultures in 1986, being the author of numerous scientific articles. Her research interests include chemotaxonomy, medicinal plants, production of secondary metabolites, and molecular farming. She was a researcher at Universidad de Buenos Aires and Centro de Ciencia y Tecnología Dr. César Milstein (CONICET/Fundación Pablo Cassará). Currently, she is a member of the National Council of Research and Technology (CONICET) in Argentina, Professor of Pharmacobotany and Pharmacognoscy, Director of the Plant Biotechnology Group at Universidad Maimónides, and Professor of Biology at Colegio Divino Corazón. She was the editor of the book Genetic transformation (2011), Intech Open Acess ISBN: 978-953-307-364-4 and the author of the book Plant Biotechnology for Health: From Secondary Metabolites to Molecular Farming (2014), Springer International Publishing AG, ISBN 978-3-319-05770-5.

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