Plant Biogeography and Vegetation of High Mountains of Central and South-West Asia

Plant Biogeography and Vegetation of High Mountains of Central and South-West Asia

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This book presents an overview study about plant biogeography and vegetation of the high mountains of Central and South-West Asia, by a group of specialists familiar with its area and plant growth and ecology. This book discusses its ecological and evolutionary drivers and also its conservation priorities.

Central and South-West Asia is one of the most diverse areas in the northern hemisphere and several biodiversity hotspots are concentrated in this region. Most of the biodiversity hotspots are associated with high mountain ranges of the region. Moreover, these mountains have been immigration corridors for the Central Asian flora to reach Euro-Siberian and Mediterranean regions. Despite its importance, there is no overview publication to present the plant biogeography and vegetation of these mountains and most of the publications are local or rather imprecise

<p>Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2
The Pamir-Alay Mountains (Middle Asia: Tajikistan)
Chapter 3. The Hindu Kush / Afghanistan
Chapter 4. The Khorassan-Kopet Dagh Mountains
Chapter 5. The Alborz mountain range
Chapter 6. The Yazd-Kerman massifs
Chapter 7. The Zagros mountain range
Chapter 8. The Anatolian High-Mountain Ranges - Plant Diversity between two Seas
Chapter 9
The Transcaucasian Highlands
Chapter 10. North-Western Caucasus.<br></p><p></p>
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