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This book is the first comprehensive compilation of deliberations on jute botanical descriptions, germplasm resources, genetic diversity and population structure, DUS test and DNA fingerprinting, interspecific hybridization, classical genetics, cytology and cytogenetics, genetic transformation; and detailed enumeration on molecular mapping, genome sequencing initiatives of three major jute fiber producing countries, interspecific and intergeneric comparative genomics, organellar genomes, elucidation on functional genomics and genomics resources and database. Genetics and genomics of bast fiber development, biotic stress resistance, abiotic stress tolerance, and flowering pathways have also been discussed. It also presents a narrative on the power of molecular markers and genomics technology on jute breeding. Altogether, the book contains about 400 pages over 21 chapters authored by internationally reputed experts on the relevant field in this crop. This book will be useful to the students, teachers and scientists in the academia and relevant private companies interested in agronomy, genetics, pathology, entomology, physiology, molecular genetics and breeding, genetic engineering, and structural and functional genomics.

Chapter 1. Economic Importance of Jute
Chapter 2. Botany of Jute (Corchorus spp.)
Chapter 3. Chemistry of Jute and Its Applications
Chapter 4. Germplasm Resources in Jute
Chapter 5. DUS Test and DNA Fingerprinting Construction of Jute Varieties
Chapter 6. Jute Interspecific Hybrids: Development, Characterization and Utilization
Chapter 7. Classical Genetics, Cytogenetics and Traditional Breeding in Jute
Chapter 8. Challenges of Jute Transformation
Chapter 9. Molecular Linkage Mapping: Map Construction and Mapping of Genes/Qtls
Chapter 10. Jute Genome Sequencing: An Indian Initiative
Chapter 11. Jute Genome Sequencing: A Bangladeshi Initiative
Chapter 12. Jute Genome Sequencing: A Chinese Initiative
Chapter 13. Comparative Genomics and Synteny within Cochorus Species and Among Malvaceaes Genomes
Chapter 14. Organelle Genome Sequencing and Phylogenetic Relationship of Jute
Chapter 15. Functional Genomics of Jute
Chapter 16. Jute Genomic Resources and Data Base
Chapter 17. Genetics and Genomics of Bast Fiber Development
Chapter 18. Genetics and Genomics of Biotic Stress Resistance of Jute
Chapter 19. Genomics and Genetics of Drought and Salt Tolerance in Jute
Chapter 20. Flowering Pathway of Jute Based on Genomic Data
Chapter 21. Power of Molecular Markers and Genomics Technology on Jute Breeding.
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