The Mango Genome

The Mango Genome

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This book represents the first comprehensive compilation of deliberations on botany; genetic resources; genetic diversity analysis; classical genetics & traditional breeding; in vitro culture & genetic transformation; detailed information on molecular maps & mapping of economic genes and QTLs; whole genome sequencing of the nuclear genome and sequencing of chloroplast genome; and elucidation of functional genomics. It also addresses alternate flowering, a unique problem in mango, and discusses currently available genomic resources and databases. 

Gathering contributions by globally reputed experts, the book will benefit the students, teachers, and scientists in academia and at private companies interested in horticulture, genetics, breeding, pathology, entomology, physiology, molecular genetics and breeding, in vitro culture & genetic engineering, and structural and functional genomics.

Mango: The King of Fruits
Botanical descriptions
Propagation practices
Germplasm and genetic resources
Genetic diversity analysis
Alternate flowering
Classical genetics and breeding
In Vitro Culture and genetic transformation
Molecular mapping and breeding in mango
Genome sequence
Sequencing of organellar genomes
Functional genomics
Genomic resources and database.
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