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This book is a concise overall view of the status quo of the bioeconomy and its future developments - in Germany and beyond. Numerous practitioners from business, science, civil society and politics show how the bioeconomy is addressing the global problems of the future. Based on renewable raw materials and energies, the bioeconomy is developing new products and processes with the aim of shaping a more ecologically and economically sustainable future. But can it succeed? What are its opportunities and limitations? Which framework conditions influence it? The book answers these questions with a systemic view of the bioeconomy and thus enables a quick orientation in this topic. This is additionally supported by numerous graphics. The book thus invites readers to help shape the future of the bioeconomy.

Introduction to the bioeconomy system
Part 1 Subsectors of the bioeconomy
Sectors of the bioeconomy
Plant-based bioeconomy
Wood-based bioeconomy
Animal-based bioeconomy
Microorganism-based bioeconomy
Marine bioeconomy
Waste- and residue-based bioeconomy
Digital bioeconomy
Part 2 Forms of organisation of the bioeconomy
Actors of the bioeconomy
Cluster, network, platform: forms of organisation of the bioeconomy
Bioeconomy in North Rhine-Westphalia
Bioeconomy in Central Germany
Bioeconomy in Baden-Württemberg
Bioeconomy in Bavaria
Bioeconomy networks in Europe
Part 3 Framework conditions and signposts of the bioeconomy
The German bioeconomy discourse
Innovation and the bioeconomy
Scenarios and models for shaping a sustainable bioeconomy
Monitoring the bioeconomy
Occupational fields of the bioeconomy
Governance of the bioeconomy using the example of the wood sector in Germany
Governance of the bioeconomy in a global comparison
Sustainability and the bioeconomy
Location of the bioeconomy system in Germany.
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