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This contributed volume discusses the multiple roles of astrocytes, which determine the progression and outcome of neuropsychiatric diseases. This emerging area of study examines the ways in which astrocytes are involved in various aspects of disease initiation, progression and resolution. This monograph aims to integrate the body of information that has accumulated in recent years revealing the active role of astrocytes in neuropsychiatric pathology and in psychiatric disorders.  Understanding roles of astrocytes in pathology will provide new targets for medical intervention and aid the development of much needed therapeutics. This book will be valuable for researchers and workers in the fields of neurobiology, neurology, and psychiatry, as well as fill the need for a textbook used in advanced courses/graduate seminars in glial pathophysiology.

Vladimir Parpura is a Professor in the Department of Neurobiology at The University of Alabama in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Alexei Verkhratsky is a Professor of Neurophysiology in the Faculty of Life Sciences at The University of Manchester in Manchester, United Kingdom. 

Caterina Scuderi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at Sapienza University of Rome. 

Baoman Li is a  Professor at the Laboratory Teaching Center at the School of Forensic Medicine, China Medical University in Shenyang, China. 

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