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Psychocutaneous Medicine offers an overview of diseases in psychosomatic dermatology and creates a bridge between cutaneous and emotional disorders using extraordinary illustrations and clinical images of psychosomatic dermatology. It covers both common and rare diseases and helps doctors and psychologists recognize and deal with psychosocial features in dermatology and venerology. This superbly illustrated clinical atlas with concise text passages follows the American diagnosis classification DSM-V and current evidence-based guidelines. It allows rapid recognition of masked emotional disorders and thus administration of the most effective and efficient treatment as early as possible.

Hone your diagnostic vision for psychosomatic disorders. Treat your patients efficiently and effectively. Psychocutaneous Medicine is a picture atlas and textbook that is indispensable for dermatologists, psychologists, pediatricians and general practitioners.

General: Introduction
Prevalence of Somatic and Emotional Disorders. Specific Patterns of Disease: Primarily Psychogenic Dermatoses
Multifactorial Cutaneous Diseases
Secondary Emotional Disorders and Comorbidities. Special Focal Points in Dermatology: Allergology
Cosmetic Medicine
Psychosomatic Dermatology in Emergency Medicine
Surgical and Oncological Dermatology
Suicide in Dermatology
Traumatization: Sexual Abuse
Special Psychosomatic Concepts in Dermatology. From the Practice for the Practice: Psychotherapy
Psychosomatic Psychodermatologic Primary Care
Psychopharmacological Therapy in Dermatology
SAD Light Therapy, Vagal Stimulation, and Magnetic Stimulation
The Difficult or Impossible-To-Treat Problem Patient
The Dermatologist s Personal Challenges Within the Institutional Framework: Developing the Psychodermatologic Practice
Liaison Consultancy
New Management in Psychosomatic Dermatology
A Look into the Future. Appendix: Books on Psychosomatic Dermatology
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