Implementation of Urban Logistics Systems

Implementation of Urban Logistics Systems

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Concept components summarized under the umbrella term 'urban logistics' has become a strategic priority for many public and private players in recent years. However, many urban logistics undertakings fail to be put into practice and are eventually terminated for various reasons, which can be considered implementation barriers that exist in practice. While research on urban logistics is proliferating, the implementation of urban logistics systems has been insufficiently addressed. Thus, the dissertation is concerned with the implementation of urban logistics systems. Raphael Preindl investigates the implementation process from a holistic perspective and follows the design science research methodology, based on an eclectic theoretical approach. Next to a contingency analysis of the conceptual design of urban logistics systems and the identification of success factors, the study develops an adaptable implementation concept that is specifically tailored to the context of urban logistics and thereby clearly goes beyond a purely operational approach.

Raphael Preindl holds a PhD from the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland. There, he focused on research in transport and logistics, especially urban logistics.


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