Inflammation and Epilepsy: New Vistas

Inflammation and Epilepsy: New Vistas

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This book provides comprehensive information, both for clinicians and scientists, on the basic mechanisms, clinical features, and therapeutic approaches to epilepsy as an inflammatory disease. Inflammation has been for many years considered as an etiologic player (and a therapeutic target) for a specific group of epilepsies. However, it turns out that this concept underestimated the impact of inflammation in seizure disorders. Many accepted therapies for non-inflammatory epilepsies act in part as an inflammatory drug. The CNS actively responds to acute immune challenges by altering body temperature, stimulating the HPA axis, as well as up- and down-regulating specific sympathetic pathways.

Damir Janigro

Department of Physiology and Biophysics

Case Western Reserve University





Astrid Nehlig





Nicola Marchi

Cerebrovascular and Glia Research, Department of Neuroscience

Institute of Functional Genomics



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