Mastering the Science of Organizational Change

Mastering the Science of Organizational Change

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As the business context evolves more rapidly, driven by accelerating technological, political, and social change, an increasing strategic priority for business leaders is how to enact large-scale organizational change. Even companies that are current industry leaders are vulnerable to disruption. Company leaders need to watch over their shoulder for-and transform the company in anticipation of-the next disruption.

Mastering the Science of Organizational Change summarizes the work of the BCG Henderson Institute and its fellows and ambassadors over several years to develop a more scientific approach to change. Hundreds of companies are analyzed in the book's discussion on how to beat the odds in large-scale change management using an evidence-based approach-a large-scale analysis of what approaches actually work in which circumstances.

Part 1 of the book reviews the imperatives for self-disruption. The second part elaborates on how to manage the process of change. Finally, Part 3 discusses how organizations can take change to the next level.

Martin Reeves, Chairman, BCG Henderson Institute; Kevin Whitaker, BHI Analytics Manager, Boston Consulting Group
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