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This book is the first comprehensive compilation of knowledge on teak biology, ecology, clonal forestry, clonal registration, seed biology, and seed orchards. The teak genetic diversity, the sequenced genome, and transcriptomes from different tissues and their implications in modern tree improvement and material selection have been comprehensively discussed. The book also presents a narrative on wood characterization, wood chemistry, modern silviculture, growth and modelling, and economics of this valued tropical species. Altogether, the book contains about 200 pages over 16 chapters authored by globally reputed experts on the relevant field in this tropical tree. This book is useful to students, teachers, and scientists, and wood-based industries are interested in forestry, biology, seed orchards, breeding, genetic diversity, molecular genetics, in vitro culture, wood chemistry, and structural and functional genomics.

Chapter 1. Teak: The King of Timbers
Chapter 2. Teak Plantations and Wood Production
Chapter 3. Modern Silvicultural Practices and Productivity of Teak
Chapter 4. Analysis and Modeling of Teak growth: New Perspectives for Productivity Evaluation
Chapter 5. Economics of Teak
Chapter 6. Teak Biology and Ecology
Chapter 7. Teak Wood Chemistry and Natural Durability
Chapter 8. Wood Properties and their Variations in Teak
Chapter 9. Seed Biology and Seed Orchard Dynamics in Teak
Chapter 10. Clonal Teak.- Chapter 11. Clonal Characterization and Variety Registration of Teak
Chapter 12. Genetic Diversity and Population Genetic Structure of Teak
Chapter 13. Genetic Improvement of Teak.- Chapter 14. Molecular Physiology of Teak
Chapter 15. Genome of Teak: Structure and Features
Chapter 16. Functional Genomics of Teak.      
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