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This updated and expanded second edition reviews numerous aspects of the marine microbiome and its possible industrial applications. The marine microbiome is the total of microorganisms and viruses in the ocean and seas and in any connected environment, including the seafloor and marine animals and plants.

In the first part of the book, diversity, origin and evolution of the marine microorganisms and viruses are discussed. The microbes presented originate from all three domains of life: Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya. The second part sheds some light on the different communities: it describes marine habitats and how their inhabitants control biogeochemical cycles. The third part finally examines the microbial ocean as a global system and evaluates methods of utilizing marine microbial resources.

Adopting a translational approach, the book connects academic research with industrial applications, making it a fascinating read and valuable resource for microbiologists from both domains.

<p>Chapter 1: A Sea Of Microbes: What's So Special About Marine Microbiology.-  Part I: Diversity And Evolution Of Marine Microorganisms
Chapter 2: Survival In A Sea Of Gradients: Bacterial And Archaeal Foraging In A Heterogeneous Ocean
Chapter 3: Marine Cyanobacteria
Chapter 4: Marine Protists: A Hitchhiker's Guide To Their Role In The Marine Microbiome
Chapter 5: Marine Fungi
Chapter 6: Marine Viruses: Agents Of Chaos, Promoters Of Order
Chapter 7: Evolutionary Genomics Of Marine Bacteria And Archaea
Part II: Marine Habitats
Chapter 8: Towards A Global Perspective Of The Marine Microbiome
Chapter 9: The Pelagic Light-Dependent Microbiome
Chapter 10:  Microbial Inhabitants Of The Dark Ocean
Chapter 11: The Subsurface And Oceanic Crust Prokaryotes
Chapter 12: The Microbiome Of Coastal Sediments
Chapter 13: Symbiosis In The Ocean Microbiome
Chapter 14: Marine Extreme Habitats
Part III: Marine Microbiome From Genomes To Phenomes: Biogeochemical Cycles, Networks, Fluxes, And Interaction
Chapter 15: Marine Biogeochemical Cycles
Chapter 16: A Holistic Approach For The Study Of The Role Of Microorganisms In The Marine Ecosystem
Chapter 17: The Hidden Treasure: Marine Microbiome As Repository Of Bioactive Compounds
Chapter 18: Ocean Restoration And The Strategic Plan Of The Marine Microbiome.  </p>
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