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This book provides a broad and well-integrated overview of recent major scientific results in wetland science and their applications in natural resource management issues. The contributors, internationally known experts, summarize the state of the art on an array of topics, divided into four broad areas: The Role of Wetlands for Integrated Water Resources Management: Putting Theory into Practice; Wetland Science for Environmental Management; Wetland Biogeochemistry; Wetlands and Climate Change Worldwide.

Wetland Functioning in a Changing World: Implications for Natural Resources Management
Restoring Lateral Connections Between Rivers and Floodplains: Lessons from Rehabilitation Projects
Sustainable Agriculture and Wetlands
Sustainable Water Management by Using Wetlands in Catchments with Intensive Land Use
Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment
Tools for Wetland Ecosystem Resource Management in East Africa
Predicting the Water Requirements of River Fisheries
Water Management and Wise Use of Wetlands
Hydrological Processes, Nutrient Flows and Patterns of Fens and Bogs
Ecological Aspects of Microbes and Microbial Communities Inhabiting the Rhizosphere of Wetland Plants
Linkages Between Microbial Community Composition and Biogeochemical Processes Across Scales
Coastal Wetland Vulnerability to Relative Sea-Level Rise
Connecting Arctic and Temperate Wetlands and Agricultural Landscapes
Eurasian Mires of the Southern Taiga Belt: Modern Features and Response to Holocene Palaeoclimate.
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