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This concise and handy book offers practical guidance to orthopedic surgeons and residents willing to master knee arthroscopy techniques in their daily practice. Based on scientific evidence but also mirroring expert know-how and best practices, it equips readers with essential information, tips and tricks to avoid and prevent intraoperative minor and major complications.

Clearly and uniformly written, and featuring a wealth of intraoperative pictures, the book guides readers step-by-step through each of the presented arthroscopic procedures - from patient positioning, through meniscal suture approaches and hamstring grafting, to ACL, PCL and MPFL reconstructions.

Covering all the basic and practical aspects this book is a must-read for residents and young orthopedic surgeons wanting to gain insights into this surgical technique and valuable tool for practicing orthopedists, sports physicians and physiotherapists with an interest in knee arthroscopy.


Dr. Olivier Courage works in Le Havre,  at the ''Hôpital Privé de l'Estuaire'', where a good part of his activity is devoted to knee and shoulder arthroscopy. He trained  in France and followed the footsteps of the arthroscopy pioneers, becoming one of the leaders in this domain. His passion for teaching young residents and passing the torch to the new generations made him a pillar in the French Society of Arthroscopy (SFA) of which he was president.  He is also a board member of numerous renowned orthopaedic and sports societies including SOFCOT ( French Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology) SFTS (French Sport and Trauma Society), AANA, AGA, ESSKA (European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy),  ISAKOS (International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine).

Dr. Simon Bertiaux completed his training in CHU-Rouen and currently works at the 'Hôpital Privé de l'Estuaire'', France. His interest is mainly focused on the newest techniques in surgery. Very active in the educational activity, he devotes plenty of his time in helping young residents achieving their goals,both providing support in their publications and guiding them in the surgical activity. He is a member of several societies including SOFCOT, ESSKA, SFA, SOO and the College of French orthopaedic and traumatology surgeons.

 Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Papin is a young orthopaedic surgeon, a former fellow of Dr Courage at the 'Hôpital Privé de l'Estuaire'', Le Havre, where he mastered his skills in knee surgery. He currently works at the 'Groupe hospitalier intercommunal Le Raincy' - Montfermeil, one of the most respectful hospitals in Paris, and is specialized in knee arthroscopy and arthroplasty surgery.

Dr. Anthony Kamel, fellow of Dr Courage, is a senior orthopaedic resident who has devoted his internship to sports medicine and surgery while obtaining several university diplomas including the interuniversity diploma of arthroscopy (France) and the interuniversity diploma of musculoskeletal injuries related to sports(France). He is looking to excel in this domain and to add his footprint in the world of sports surgery.
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