Sports Injuries to the Shoulder and Elbow

Sports Injuries to the Shoulder and Elbow

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This book documents current knowledge on the mechanisms involved in sports injuries to the shoulder and elbow, reviews essential physical examinations, and explains the role of diagnostic imaging. Above all, it describes in detail the treatment modalities that are appropriate to the injuries encountered in throwing and overhead athletes, including chronic repetitive and acute traumatic injuries. Both conservative and surgical treatments are covered; the author's own preferred operative techniques are identified and explained, and helpful treatment algorithms offer guidance in selecting an approach fitting to the circumstances. In addition, the inclusion of instructive case reviews will assist readers in achieving a full understanding of the implementation of treatment protocols. Methods of rehabilitation are also described with the aid of demonstration videos, and advice is provided on appropriate timing. The book will be invaluable for all professionals who deal with sports injuries of the shoulder and elbow, including surgeons, physiotherapists, other medical practitioners, and trainers.?

Jin-Young Park. M.D., Ph.D

NEON Orthopaedic Surgery, Global Center for Shoulder, Elbow & Sports
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