The Lingzhi Mushroom Genome

The Lingzhi Mushroom Genome

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This book becomes an invaluable reference on the genetic resources, genome, genes, chemical compounds, and their therapeutic effects for the Lingzhi mushrooms. It is the first comprehensive compilation of genetic resources, nuclear genome, mitochondrial genome, genes, noncoding RNAs, such as long intergenic noncoding RNAs, microRNAs, circular RNAs, genes in the biosynthetic pathway, chemical compounds and their therapeutic effects, transformation system for the expression of key genes, a bibliometric analysis to identify the past research work and the future research direction, and a survey of products derived from the Lingzhi mushrooms.

Each chapter of this book is written by authors of globally reputed experts on the relevant field who had published high-quality articles in the corresponding subject. The book has 12 chapters and each chapter has a length of approximately ten thousand words, including ten items (tables or figures), about 30-50 references. This book is useful to the students, teachers, and scientists in academia and relevant private companies interested in horticulture, genetics, physiology, molecular genetics, and breeding, in vitro culture and genetic engineering, and structural and functional genomics. This book is also useful to seed and pharmaceutical industries.

Professor Chang Liu is currently Director of Bioinformatics Research Center in the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development (IMPLAD) affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Medical Science (CAMS) in Beijing, China. Professor Liu graduated from the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities Campus) with a Ph.D. degree in Animal Pathology and Master's degree in Computer Science. After graduation, he has worked in GlaxoSmithKline Corp (RTP, NC, USA), Yale University, The University of Hongkong, and IMPLAD of CAMS. Professor Liu has published more than eighty research papers on SCI-indexed journals including Science, Nature Communication, Nucleic Acids Research, PNAS, etc. He has edited four books and served as reviewers for a dozen biological journals. He has received more than twenty grants from various sources. His research interests include the genomics and biodiversity studies  for medicinal plants. He was awarded two provincial awards for the Development of DNA Barcode-based Molecular Identification System for Medicinal Plants. His most recent work focuses on the '1000 Medicinal Plant Genome Project' sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Medical Science (CAMS) and Illumina Corporation since 2017. He also serves as Deputy Editor and Editor-in-Chief for the SCI-indexed journal Mitochondrial DNA Part B-Resources from December 2019.

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