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"The path of carbon in photosynthesis"for Progress in Botany: 50 years of Calvin-Benson cycle - 30 years of Kelly-Latzko reviews While writing this Foreword and trying to focus my thoughts on the bioch- istry of photosynthesis, a handsome slim hardcover booklet of 104 pages bound in dark blue linen is in front of me on my desk: "The Path of Carbon in Photosynthesis" J. A. Bassham and M. Calvin,1957 I acquired it in the month of my oral Ph. D. -exams,April 1960,to get prepared with the Nobel-laureate's text. In 2004 in his last swan-song review for Progress in Botany Grahame J. Kelly celebrated "The Calvin cycle's golden jubilee"in an overview of 50 years of carbon flowing for the progress in botany. He had met Erwin Latzko in 1970 in another then foremost and now historic place of the biochemistry of photosynthesis, the laboratory of Martin Gibbs at Brandeis University, Massachusetts. Four years later Latzko and Kelly (1974) published their first joint review on photosynthetic carbon metabolism,starting off a long flow of articles on the flow of carbon in the series Progress in Botany. Most faithfully they produced regular accounts of the progress in Progress in Botany every second year, and when Erwin Latzko decided to retire after the 1996 review Grahame Kelly carried on alone.

Photosynthesis Carbon Metabolism
Photosynthesis. Biochemical and Physiological Aspects of Carbon Metabolism
Photosynthesis Control of Carbon Metabolism Through Enzyme Regulation and Membrane-Mediated Metabolite Transport
Photosynthesis Carbon Metabolism: Chloroplast Capability and the Uncertain Fate of CO2
Photosynthesis Carbon Metabolism: The Profound Effects of Illumination on the Metabolism of Photosynthetic Cells
Photosynthesis. Carbon Metabolism: On Land and at Sea
Photosynthesis: Carbon Metabolism: By Day and by Night
Photosynthesis. Carbon Metabolism: New Regulators of CO2 Fixation, the New Importance of Pyrophosphate, and the Old Problem of Oxygen Involvement Revisited
Photosynthesis. Carbon Metabolism: On Regulation at the Cellular Level and at the Whole Plant Level, and Some Considerations Concerning the Interactions of These Regulatory Events with the Increasing Level of Atmospheric CO2
Photosynthesis: Carbon Metabolism Twenty Years of Following Carbon Cycles in Photosynthetic Cells
Photosynthesis Carbon Metabolism: The Chloroplast's Sesquicentenary, and Some Thoughts on the Limits to Plant Productivity
Photosynthesis. Carbon Metabolism: The Carbon Metabolisms of Unstressed and Stressed Plants
Photosynthesis. Carbon Metabolism: In and Beyond the Chloroplast
Photosynthesis: Carbon Metabolism from DNA to Deoxyribose
Photosynthesis. Carbon Metabolism: Quantification and Manipulation
Photosynthesis. Carbon Metabolism: The Calvin Cycle's Golden Jubilee.
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