Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of South America Vol. 2

Argentina, Chile and Uruguay

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of South America Vol. 2

Argentina, Chile and Uruguay

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This volume, as the seventh of the series Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the World, deals with the medicinal and aromatic plant (MAPs) treasures of the so-called Southern Cone, the three southernmost countries (Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) of South America. Similarly to the previous volumes of the series, the main focus is to collect and provide information on major aspects of botany, traditional usage, chemistry, production / collection practices, trade and utilization of this specific group of plants. The contributors, who are recognized professionals and specialist of the domain, have collected and present state of the art information on 41 species. Most of these are not only of interest from the scientific point of view, but hold also a potential for the prospective utilization of the decreasing, occasionally overexploited / endangered medicinal plant resources of this huge continent. The book is expected to serve as a source of information also on some less known or less studied species. As such the volume is expected to support future research and public health professionals.

Habil. Dr., Prof.Dr. MÁTHÉ, Ákos has 40 years' background of teaching and research in plant ecophysiology, agricultural botany. He is Professor Emeritus at the FAFS, Széchenyi István University, Mosonmagyaróvár.

Two times Fulbright Scholar (1986 and 1995), visiting professor at University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna (1995-1997).

Teaching/Research/Consulting and Publications in ecophysiology, plant domestication/introduction, production of MAPs, new crops, new uses of plants, including feed-additives.

Served as president of ICMAP (2014 - 2019) and Chairman of ISHS Section MAPs (2006-2014).

 Collaborated in international projects: FEED SEG, CEEPUS, ERASMUS+, HERBAID, GOOD HERBS, Herbs4Youth, EOHUB, etc.

Authored some 100 publications, former editor of Herba Hungarica, Acta Agronomica Hungarica.

Convener/speaker at international scientific congresses, conferences. Network co-ordinator of ESCORENA MAP.


Prof.Dr. BANDONI, Arnaldo Luis. is a Consultant Professor of Pharmacognosy (Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Buenos Aires). In charge of R&D in Vasana S.A. Member of the Permanent Committee of the Argentine Pharmacopoeia. Emeritus Member of the National Academy of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Argentina. Foreign Corresponding Member of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chile. Foreign Correspondent Member of the Royal Academy of Pharmacy of Catalonia (Spain). Lecturer of postgraduate courses in the country and Iberoamerica. Fifty years' experience as director or participant in several research projects on aromatic and medicinal plants. Director or co-author of eleven books and collaborator on 120 articles on his specialty.

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