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Part of the seven-volume series Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants, the volume Oilseeds is devoted to oil-producing field crops such as soybeans, oilseed rape, peanuts, sunflowers, Indian mustard, Brassica rapa, black mustard and flax. While the grouping of economic plants is conventionally based on their agricultural purposes, several crops covered in this volume have other uses besides yielding oils. Brassica rapa is also used as a vegetable, the sunflower as an ornamental, and flax as a fibre crop. Black mustard, which is used as a condiment but is genetically close to other Brassica species, is also included here.

Geung-Joo Lee, Xiaolei Wu, J. Grover Shannon, David A. Sleper, Henry T. Nguyen: Soybean; Rod Snowdon, Wilfried Lühs, Wolfgang Friedt: Oilseed Rape; S. L. Dwivedi, David John Bertioli, J. H. Crouch, J. F. Valls, H. D. Upadhyaya, A Favero, M. Moretzsohn, A. H. Paterson: Peanut; Norma Paniego, Ruth Heinz, Paula Fernandez, Paola Talia, Veronica Nishinakamasu, H. Esteban Hopp: Sunflower; David Edwards, Philip A. Salisbury, Wayne A. Burton, Clare J. Hopkins, Jacqueline Batley: Indian Mustard; Pablo Quijada, Jiashu Cao, Xiaowu Wang, M. Hirai, Chitta Kole: Brassica rapa; Sandip Das, Ulf Lagercrantz, Martin Lascoux: Black Mustard; Chris A. Cullis: Flax.
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